A history of the Party 1920–1964

Author Name: Based on the columns in People's Democracy


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Based on the columns in People’s Democracy

On the occasion of the centenary of the formation of the Communist Party of India, People’s Democracy, Weekly organ of CPIM, brought out a regular column which traced the saga of landmark events, struggles sacrifices and important policy decisions in the history of the Party from its formation in Tashkend on October 17 1920 to the formation of the Communist Party of India (Marxist )in 1964.
This is a historical significant period of nearly half a century, which encompasses the pioneering efforts of the early communists to propagate their views and establish organisations; the participation in anti colonial and anti feudal struggles; the struggles against social oppression; the massive peasants and workers revolts of the 1940s; Experiences of participating in parliamentary and legislative assembly elections; the formation of the first elected government led by communists in Kerala; the experiences of assaults on the party; the inner party debates and discussions; and finally the split in the communist movement and the formation of the communist Party of India Marxist.
Contrasting as it does with the compromising orientation of the Congress party and the downright pro colonial stands of the Hindu Right this period of history holds enduring lessons for us in our struggles today.

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