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Author Name: Gordon Childe


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Year of publication: first edition June 2016
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In this book the author discusses the changes in the material well -being and mental outlook which have taken place throughout the ages after the breakup of the Roman empire. He gives us a brief survey of what he describes as Palocolithic and Mesolithic savagery,of Neolithic barbarism,of the rise of Metal Age cultures, and so on until a climax was reached as a result of the Old World unity made possible by the exploits of Alexander the Great. Finally there is a stimulating  chapter which the author’s views about the decline and fall of the ancient world…..

This more than worthwhile book contents many facts the background material for the study; but it is primarily intended to stimulate thought and to  help the reader to understand the general story of human development and maybe to draw lesson which will help when our own civilization now in danger of collapse, is once again in process of reconstruction.

V Gordon Childe  was a remarkable man who is considered the father of modern archaeology. Professor Childe was the author of several well-known books which include “The dawn of European civilization”, “Most Ancient East,”” The prehistory of Scotland,” “Man makes himself”, “Prehistory communities in British Isles and social evolution.

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